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Manuscripts, Cod. Paris, Bnf, arabic 44

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
altars,consecration of Farag (2021) 205, 206
botte,bernard Farag (2021) 206, 257
consecrations,,lectionary readings and liturgical traditions for Farag (2021) 205, 206
constantinople,marian temple,palace of daphne Farag (2021) 257
jerusalem,church of the holy sepulchre Farag (2021) 257
jews Farag (2021) 257
koskam,first church of mary in Farag (2021) 257
marinakiou,church of mary at Farag (2021) 257
non-chalcedonian celebrations of anniversaries,,koskam,first church of mary in Farag (2021) 257
non-chalcedonian celebrations of anniversaries,,philippi,first church of mary in' Farag (2021) 257
philippi,first church of mary in Farag (2021) 257
pulcheria (empress) Farag (2021) 257
saint mary,as theotokos (mother of god) Farag (2021) 257
theotokos (mother of god),mary as Farag (2021) 257