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Tiresias: The Ancient Mediterranean Religions Source Database

Lucian, The Sky-Man, 4

nanMe. Listen, then; it would be a sorry sight, a friend deserted, with his mouth open, and sus. per aures.— Well, a very short survey of life had convinced me of the absurdity and meanness and insecurity that pervade all human objects, such as wealth, office, power. I was filled with contempt for them, realized that to care for them was to lose all chance of what deserved care, and determined to grovel no more, but fix my gaze upon the great All. Here I found my first problem in what wise men call the universal order; I could not tell how it came into being, who made it, what was its beginning, or what its end. But my next step, which was the examination of details, landed me in yet worse perplexity. I found the stars dotted quite casually about the sky, and I wanted to know what the sun was. Especially the phenomena of the moon struck me as extraordinary, and quite passed my comprehension; there must be some mystery to account for those many phases, I conjectured. Nor could I feel any greater certainty about such things as the passage of lightning, the roll of thunder, the descent of rain and snow and hail.

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heterotopias,comic Alexiou and Cairns (2017), Greek Laughter and Tears: Antiquity and After. 71
satire' Alexiou and Cairns (2017), Greek Laughter and Tears: Antiquity and After. 71