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Lucian, The Double Indictment, 32

nanSuch, gentlemen, are the grievous wrongs that plaintiff has suffered at my hands. Even had the provocation I have described been wanting, my age (I was then nearly forty years old) called upon me to withdraw from the turmoil of the law courts, and suffer the ‘gentlemen of the jury’ to rest in peace. Tyrants enough had been arraigned, princes enough been eulogized: it was time to retreat to the walks of Academy or the Lyceum, there to enjoy, in the delightful society of Dialogue, that tranquil discourse which aims not at noisy acclamations. I might say much more, but I forbear: you, gentlemen, will give your votes in accordance with the dictates of conscience. Just. Who wins?Her. The Syrian has all votes but one.

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antiochos iv of commagene Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
commagene,culture,history Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
elite,commagenian Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
identity,ethnic Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
lucian of samosata Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
provincialisation Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
rome (city) Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
soldiers' Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28