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Lucian, The Double Indictment, 3

nanI should like to ask those philosophers who assign us the monopoly of blessedness, when they suppose we find time for nectar and ambrosia among our ceaseless occupations. Look at the mildewed, cob webbed stack of petitions mouldering on their files in our chancery, for want of time to attend to them: look only at the cases pending between men and the various Arts and Sciences; venerable relics, some of them! Angry protests against the delays of the law reach me from all quarters; men cannot understand that it is from no neglect of ours that these judgements have been postponed; it is simply pressure of business — pressure of blessedness, if they will have it so.

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elis Naiden (2013) 56
ethiopia Naiden (2013) 56
eumaeus Naiden (2013) 56
hermes Naiden (2013) 56
jason of pherae Naiden (2013) 56
odysseus Naiden (2013) 56
olympus,mount Naiden (2013) 56
sophocles Naiden (2013) 56
zeus' Naiden (2013) 56