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Lucian, The Double Indictment, 28

nanBut no sooner had he secured an adequate provision, no sooner did he consider his reputation established, than his countenance changed towards me: he assumed a haughty air, and neglected, nay, utterly abandoned me; having conceived a violent affection for the bearded old person yonder, whom you may know from his dress to be Dialogue, and who passes for a son of Philosophy. With this Dialogue, in spite of the disparity of age, he is now living; and is not ashamed to clip the wings of free, high soaring eloquence, and submit himself to the comedian’s fetters of bald question and answer. He, whose thoughts should have found utterance in thundering oratory, is content to weave a puny network of conversation. Such things may draw a smile from his audience, a nod, an unimpassioned wave of the hand, a murmur of approbation: they can never hope to evoke the deafening uproar of universal applause. And this, gentlemen, is the fascination under which he looks coldly upon me; I commend his taste!

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antiochos iv of commagene Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
commagene,culture,history Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
elite,commagenian Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
identity,ethnic Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
lucian of samosata Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
provincialisation Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
rome (city) Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
soldiers' Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28