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Lucian, The Double Indictment, 25

nanHer. Here is Painting, but Pyrrho has never come up. 25 I knew how it would be.Just. And what was his reason?Her. He holds that there is no such thing as a true decision.Just. Then judgement goes against him by default. Now for the Syrian advocate. The indictments were only filed a day or two ago; there was no such hurry. However —. We will first take the case in which Rhetoric is plaintiff. How people crowd in to hear it!Her. Just so: the case has not had time to get stale, you see; it has the charm of novelty, the indictment, as you say, having only been filed yesterday. The prospect, too, of hearing the Syrian defend himself against two such plaintiffs as Rhetoric and Dialogue, one after the other, is a great attraction. Well, Rhetoric, when are you going to begin?

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antiochos iv of commagene Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
aramaic Merz and Tieleman (2012) 85
atargatis Merz and Tieleman (2012) 85
commagene,culture,history Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
elite,commagenian Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
hierapolis Merz and Tieleman (2012) 85
identity,ethnic Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
lucian of samosata Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28, 85
provincialisation Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
rome (city) Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
soldiers' Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28