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Lucian, The Double Indictment, 23

nanHer. Luxury v. Virtue, re Aristippus; Aristippus must appear 23 in person.Vir. I ought to speak first. Aristippus is mine; his words and his deeds alike proclaim him mine.Lux. On the contrary, anyone who will observe his garlands and his purple robes and his perfumes will agree that he is mine.Just. Peace! This suit must stand over, until Zeus has decided the appeal re Dionysius. The cases are similar. If Porch wins her appeal, Aristippus shall be adjudged to Virtue: if not, Luxury must have him. Bring the next case. By the way, those jurors must not have their fee; they have not earned it.Her. So the poor old gentlemen have climbed up all this way for nothing!Just. Well, they must be content with a third. Now go away, all of you, and don’t be cross; you shall have another chance.

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