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Lucian, The Double Indictment, 14

nanHer. What about these two charges just brought against a rhetorician?Just. No, those can stand over; we must work off the arrears first.Her. Well, these cases are of just the same kind. They are not old ones, it is true, but they are very like those you have taken, and might fairly be heard with them.Just. That looks rather like favouritism, Hermes. However, as you like; only these must be the last; we have got quite enough. What are they?Her. Rhetoric v. a Syrian, for neglect; Dialogue v. the same, for assault.Just. And who is this Syrian? There is no name given.Her. That is all: the Syrian rhetorician; he can have a jury without having a name.Just. So! here on Areopagus I am to give juries to outsiders, who ought to be tried on the other side of the Euphrates? Well, give him eleven, and they can hear both cases.Her. That’s right; it will save a lot of expense.

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antiochos iv of commagene Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
aramaic Merz and Tieleman (2012) 85
atargatis Merz and Tieleman (2012) 85
commagene,culture,history Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
elite,commagenian Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
hierapolis Merz and Tieleman (2012) 85
identity,ethnic Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
lucian of samosata Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28, 85
provincialisation Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
rome (city) Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28
soldiers' Merz and Tieleman (2012) 28