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Lucian, Charon Or The Inspectors, 15

nanHer. So much for royalty; and now to the common herd. Do you see them, Charon;— on their ships and on the field of battle; crowding the law courts and following the plough; usurers here, beggars there?Ch. I see them. What a jostling life it is! What a world of ups and downs! Their cities remind me of bee hives. Every man keeps a sting for his neighbour’s service; and a few, like wasps, make spoil of their weaker brethren. But what are all these misty shapes that beset them on every side?Her. Hopes, Fears, Follies, Pleasures, Greeds, Hates, Grudges, and such like. They differ in their habits. TheFolly is a domestic creature, with vested rights of its own. The same with the Grudge, the Hate, the Envy, the Greed, theKnow not, and the What’s to do. But the Fear and the Hope fly overhead. The Fear swoops on its prey from above; sometimes itis content with startling a man out of his wits, sometimes it frightens him in real earnest. The Hope hovers almost within reach, and just when a man thinks he is going to catch it, off it flies, and leaves him gaping — like Tantalus in the water, you know.

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