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Livy, Per., 74

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1. Cicero, Pro Sulla, 58 (2nd cent. BCE - 1st cent. BCE)

58. ipse autem Sittius—non enim mihi deserenda est causa amici veteris atque hospitis—is homo est aut ea familia ac disciplina ut hoc credi possit, eum bellum populo Romano populo R. T, Gulielmius : rei (r. a ) p. cett. facere voluisse? ut, cuius pater, cum ceteri deficerent finitimi ac vicini, singulari exstiterit in rem publicam nostram officio et fide, is sibi nefarium bellum contra patriam suscipiendum putaret putarit Hulderich ? cuius aes alienum videmus, iudices, non libidine, sed negoti gerendi studio esse contractum, qui ita Romae debuit ut in provinciis et in regnis ei maximae ei maxime T : maxime ei cett. pecuniae deberentur; quas cum peteret, non commisit ut sui procuratores quicquam oneris absente se sustinerent; venire omnis suas possessiones et patrimonio se ornatissimo spoliari maluit quam ullam moram cuiquam fieri creditorum suorum.
2. Livy, History, 5.41 (1st cent. BCE - missingth cent. CE)

3. Appian, Civil Wars, 1.54 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

4. Tacitus, Annals, 3.2 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

3.2.  The Caesar had sent two cohorts of his Guard; with further orders that the magistrates of Calabria, Apulia, and Campania should render the last offices to the memory of his son. And so his ashes were borne on the shoulders of tribunes and centurions: before him the standards went unadorned, the Axes reversed; while, at every colony they passed, the commons in black and the knights in official purple burned raiment, perfumes, and other of the customary funeral tributes, in proportion to the resources of the district. Even the inhabitants of outlying towns met the procession, devoted their victims and altars to the departed spirit, and attested their grief with tears and cries. Drusus came up to Tarracina, with Germanicus' brother Claudius and the children who had been left in the capital. The consuls, Marcus Valerius and Marcus Aurelius (who had already begun their magistracy), the senate, and a considerable part of the people, filled the road, standing in scattered parties and weeping as they pleased: for of adulation there was none, since all men knew that Tiberius was with difficulty dissembling his joy at the death of Germanicus.
5. Valerius Maximus, Memorable Deeds And Sayings, 9.7.4

6. Velleius Paterculus, Roman History, 2.16.2

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
calcei,consular Edmondson (2008) 43
calcei,of kings Edmondson (2008) 43
calcei,patricii (patrician) Edmondson (2008) 43
calcei Edmondson (2008) 43
campania/campanians Gruen (2020) 108
citizenship,as issue in social war Gruen (2020) 108
civitas/civitates Gruen (2020) 108
clavi (bands),angusti,narrow Edmondson (2008) 43
clavi (bands),lati,wide Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,augural Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,emperors Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,greek Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,imperial Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,masculine Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,patrician Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,plebeian Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,public ceremonial Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,religious Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,royal Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,senatorial Edmondson (2008) 43
dress,triumphal Edmondson (2008) 43
equites Edmondson (2008) 43
etruscans/tyrrhenians Gruen (2020) 108
flamen (pl. flamines) Edmondson (2008) 43
footwear Edmondson (2008) 43
forum,of augustus Edmondson (2008) 43
forum Edmondson (2008) 43
habitus Edmondson (2008) 43
identity Edmondson (2008) 43
italians Gruen (2020) 108
italy Gruen (2020) 108
laena Edmondson (2008) 43
lex,oppia Edmondson (2008) 43
ludi (public festivals) Edmondson (2008) 43
municipia Gruen (2020) 108
rome/romans,and social war Gruen (2020) 108
sacrifice Edmondson (2008) 43
samnium/samnites Gruen (2020) 108
shoes Edmondson (2008) 43
social control Edmondson (2008) 43
social war Gruen (2020) 108
statues Edmondson (2008) 43
toga,picta Edmondson (2008) 43
toga,praetexta Edmondson (2008) 43
toga Edmondson (2008) 43
trabea Edmondson (2008) 43
tunic,mens Edmondson (2008) 43
vestis,triumphalis' Edmondson (2008) 43
vestis Edmondson (2008) 43