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Jerome, Commentaria In Jeremiam, verse 1 (CSEL 59

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subject book bibliographic info
apatheia,freedom from,eradication of,emotion (; search for apatheia attacked by lactantius,jerome,augustine in latin,western,church,but flourishes in east,and restored in west by cassian Sorabji (2000) 397
augustine,at first accepts only taking pity,later feeling pity Sorabji (2000) 397
augustine,the misrepresentation is part of his case for metriopatheia Sorabji (2000) 397
cassian,john,founder of monastery at monte cassino,reconfirms value of apatheia in western church Sorabji (2000) 397
evagrius,attacked by jerome on apatheia Sorabji (2000) 397
evagrius,desert father,attacked by jerome Sorabji (2000) 397
jerome,st,church father,opposition to evagrius,melania,and rufinus on apatheia Sorabji (2000) 397
jovinian,attacked by jerome Sorabji (2000) 397
lactantius,church father,attacks search for apatheia Sorabji (2000) 397
origen,church father Sorabji (2000) 397
pelagius and pelagianism,denies original sin,exonerates lust Sorabji (2000) 397
philo,clement of alexandria,basil,early augustine also rejects feeling pity,in favour of taking pity,but later recants Sorabji (2000) 397
rufinus,christian,translator into latin,attacked by jerome Sorabji (2000) 397
rufinus,christian,translator into latin Sorabji (2000) 397
zeno of citium,stoic,hence different conception of freedom from emotion(apatheia)' Sorabji (2000) 397