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Isidore Of Seville, Sententiae, 3.7.4

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
bear,dressed like matron and carried in sedan-chair Griffiths (1975) 352
christian tradition of tearful prayer Griffiths (1975) 352
demochares of plataea Griffiths (1975) 352
isis,and meroe Griffiths (1975) 352
jesus,and ass-man legend,tri-lingualism of Griffiths (1975) 352
meroe,witch Griffiths (1975) 352
moon,emerging from sea,moon and love Griffiths (1975) 352
tartarus Griffiths (1975) 352
tear-stained face,in prayer Griffiths (1975) 352
tears,in prayer to isis Griffiths (1975) 352
trilingualism,of apuleius,of jesus Griffiths (1975) 352
venus,heavenly,and moon' Griffiths (1975) 352