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Isaiah The Solitary, On Guarding The Intellect, sec.2

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subject book bibliographic info
anger,depends on gluttony,avarice,vanity Sorabji (2000) 365
avarice,one of evagrius' bad thoughts" Sorabji (2000) 365
avarice,root of all evils Sorabji (2000) 365
demons,source of bad thoughts and emotions Sorabji (2000) 365
depression,akēdia,depends on gluttony,avarice,vanity Sorabji (2000) 365
distress,distress depends on frustration of other emotions Sorabji (2000) 365
emotions,causal interconnections Sorabji (2000) 365
evagrius,desert father,bad thoughts often imposed by demons,but not always Sorabji (2000) 365
evagrius,desert father,causal interrelations and sequences of bad thoughts Sorabji (2000) 365
evagrius,desert father,other temptations depend on gluttony,avarice,vanity Sorabji (2000) 365
evagrius,desert father,role of vigil and fasting Sorabji (2000) 365
evagrius,desert father,temptations of christ Sorabji (2000) 365
fasting and eating disorders Sorabji (2000) 365
first movements,evagrius Sorabji (2000) 365
gluttony,one of evagrius' bad thoughts" Sorabji (2000) 365
gluttony,prerequisite to lust Sorabji (2000) 365
lust,depends on gluttony Sorabji (2000) 365
paul,st Sorabji (2000) 365
philoponus,do demons know our thoughts through speech and gestures,or directly? Sorabji (2000) 365
pride,depends on avarice in evagrius Sorabji (2000) 365
sleep,reduction of Sorabji (2000) 365
temptation,temptations of christ Sorabji (2000) 365
temptation Sorabji (2000) 365
zeno of citium,stoic,hence different conception of freedom from emotion(apatheia)' Sorabji (2000) 365