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Ignatius, To The Magnesians, 5.2

nanfor just as there are two coinages, the one of God and the other of the world, and each of them hath its proper stamp impressed upon it, the unbelievers the stamp of this world, but the faithful in love the stamp of God the Father through Jesus Christ, through whom unless of our own free choice we accept to die unto His passion, His life is not in us: --

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subject book bibliographic info
anti-judaism Lieu (2004) 290
christianity = cristianismî Lieu (2004) 290
communities,johannine Lieu (2004) 290
dualism Lieu (2004) 290
jew,in christian discourse Lieu (2004) 290
judaism,as opposed to christianity Lieu (2004) 290
judaism Lieu (2004) 290
other,the,the jews as Lieu (2004) 290
other,the Lieu (2004) 290
resurrection Allison (2018) 400
son of god Allison (2018) 400
temple in jerusalem' Allison (2018) 400
world,the Lieu (2004) 290