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Ignatius, To The Magnesians, 15.1

nanThe Ephesians from Smyrna salute you, from whence also I write to you. They are here with me for the glory of God, as also are ye; and they have comforted me in all things, together with Polycarp bishop of the Smyrnaeans. Yea, and all the other churches salute you in the honour of Jesus Christ. Fare ye well in godly concord, and possess ye a stedfast spirit, which is Jesus Christ.

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subject book bibliographic info
ignatius,and church identity Bird and Harrower (2021) 163
ignatius,and church order Bird and Harrower (2021) 163
ignatius,proto-trinitarian formula Bird and Harrower (2021) 164
polycarp,and church order' Bird and Harrower (2021) 164