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Ignatius, To The Magnesians, 11.1

nanNow these things I say, my dearly beloved, not because I have learned that any of you are so minded; but as being less than any of you, I would have you be on your guard betimes, that ye fall not into the snares of vain doctrine; but be ye fully persuaded concerning the birth and the passion and the resurrection, which took place in the time of the governorship of Pontius Pilate; for these things were truly and certainly done by Jesus Christ our hope; from which hope may it not befal any of you to be turned aside.

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apologetics Lieu (2015) 368
culture,cultural affiliations in galilee Esler (2000) 169
ignatius of antioch,jewishchristian relations Esler (2000) 169
matthew Lieu (2015) 368
pilate Lieu (2015) 368
synagogue Lieu (2015) 368
tiberius' Lieu (2015) 368