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Homeric Hymns, To Helios, 90.81

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subject book bibliographic info
entrance procedures,investiture Dilley (2019) 92
goffman,ervin,asylums,essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates Dilley (2019) 92
habit Dilley (2019) 92
investiture Dilley (2019) 92
liminality Dilley (2019) 92
lives of pachomius,arabic life (v. pach. ar.) Dilley (2019) 92
rites of passage Dilley (2019) 92
rule of the master,investiture Dilley (2019) 92
scriptural exercises,tonsure Dilley (2019) 92
separation from the community,as entrance procedure Dilley (2019) 92
shaving of the head Dilley (2019) 92
tonsures Dilley (2019) 92
van gennep,arnold,the rites of passage' Dilley (2019) 92
white monastery federation,investiture Dilley (2019) 92