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Homer, Epigrams, 14

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subject book bibliographic info
aitnaiai in sicily,oral binding curse in eumenides Eidinow (2007) 321
areopagos,revolts against makedonian rule Eidinow (2007) 321
aristomachos Eidinow (2007) 321
demosthenes,compared by dinarchos Eidinow (2007) 321
erinyes (eumenides; furies) Eidinow (2007) 321
hesiod,potters hymn in life of homer Eidinow (2007) 321
hyperides,gives examples of misfortunes Eidinow (2007) 321
hyperides,opposition to makedon Eidinow (2007) 321
konon of paiania Eidinow (2007) 321
maietas,athens revolts against Eidinow (2007) 321
orestes Eidinow (2007) 321
soweto,south africa Eidinow (2007) 321
witchcraft,in south africa' Eidinow (2007) 321