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Gregory Of Tours, Historia Francorum, 6.5

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subject book bibliographic info
avitus,by avitus of clermont Kraemer (2020) 331
avitus,chilperic contrasted with Kraemer (2020) 331
avitus,jews compelled to convert by Kraemer (2020) 331
avitus,support for persuasion as means of converting jews to christianity of Kraemer (2020) 331
chilperic Kraemer (2020) 331
clermont Kraemer (2020) 331
conversion,by avitus,bishop of clermont Kraemer (2020) 331
conversion,by chilperic Kraemer (2020) 331
conversion,coercion and Kraemer (2020) 331
conversion,persuasion as strategy for' Kraemer (2020) 331
gaul,jews loss of rights under merovingian law in Kraemer (2020) 331
gregory of tours,on the conversion of jews in clermont by avitus Kraemer (2020) 331
majorca Kraemer (2020) 331
marseilles Kraemer (2020) 331
phatir Kraemer (2020) 331
theodorus (of minorca) Kraemer (2020) 331