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Gregory Of Tours, Historia Francorum, 10.31

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subject book bibliographic info
dreams (in late antique and medieval christian literature),gregory of tours,glory of the martyrs Renberg (2017) 799
gregory of tours (bishop),on kosmas and damian miracles Renberg (2017) 799
incubation (christian),problem of defining christian incubation Renberg (2017) 799
incubation (christian) Renberg (2017) 799
kosmas and damian (saints),appearances in dreams/visions Renberg (2017) 799
kosmas and damian (saints),incubation at cyrrus shrine(?) Renberg (2017) 799
kosmidion,relics brought to tours cathedral Renberg (2017) 799
syria,cyrrus shrine of kosmas and damian' Renberg (2017) 799