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Galen, On Antidotes, 2.17

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subject book bibliographic info
antiochos iii (the great) (seleucid king),epigram recording cure at kos asklepieion Renberg (2017) 204
asklepieia,written evidence for incubation Renberg (2017) 204
asklepios Renberg (2017) 204
dreams (general),prescriptive dreams and medical knowledge Renberg (2017) 204
hippocrates,and inscribed cures at kos asklepieion Renberg (2017) 204
hygieia,at kos asklepieion Renberg (2017) 204
kos asklepieion,antiochos iii epigram recording cure Renberg (2017) 204
kos asklepieion,associated with hippocrates and hippocratic school Renberg (2017) 204
kos asklepieion,inscribed records of cures Renberg (2017) 204
kos asklepieion,leges sacrae possibly pertaining to incubation Renberg (2017) 204
kos asklepieion,literary evidence for incubation Renberg (2017) 204
kos asklepieion,problem of where incubation practiced Renberg (2017) 204
kos asklepieion Renberg (2017) 204
trikka asklepieion' Renberg (2017) 204