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Galen, On Antidotes, 1.5

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1. Theophrastus, Research On Plants, 9.6.1-9.6.4 (4th cent. BCE - 3rd cent. BCE)

2. Diodorus Siculus, Historical Library, 2.48.9 (1st cent. BCE - 1st cent. BCE)

2.48.9.  Yet the land is good for the growing of palms, wherever it happens to be traversed by rivers with usable water or to be supplied with springs which can irrigate it. And there is also found in these regions in a certain valley the balsam tree, as it is called, from which they receive a substantial revenue, since this tree is found nowhere else in the inhabited world and the use of it for medicinal purposes is most highly valued by physicians. •  That part of Arabia which borders upon the waterless and desert country is so different from it that, because both of the multitude of fruits which grow therein and of its other good things, it has been called Arabia Felix.
3. Josephus Flavius, Jewish War, 4.467, 4.471-4.474 (1st cent. CE - 1st cent. CE)

4.467. Accordingly, it waters a larger space of ground than any other waters do, and passes along a plain of seventy furlongs long, and twenty broad; wherein it affords nourishment to those most excellent gardens that are thick set with trees. 4.471. the cause of which seems to me to be the warmth of the air, and the fertility of the waters; the warmth calling forth the sprouts, and making them spread, and the moisture making every one of them take root firmly, and supplying that virtue which it stands in need of in summertime. Now this country is then so sadly burnt up, that nobody cares to come at it; 4.472. and if the water be drawn up before sunrising, and after that exposed to the air, it becomes exceeding cold, and becomes of a nature quite contrary to the ambient air; 4.473. as in winter again it becomes warm; and if you go into it, it appears very gentle. The ambient air is here also of so good a temperature, that the people of the country are clothed in linen-only, even when snow covers the rest of Judea. 4.474. This place is one hundred and fifty furlongs from Jerusalem, and sixty from Jordan. The country, as far as Jerusalem, is desert and stony; but that as far as Jordan and the lake Asphaltitis lies lower indeed, though it be equally desert and barren.
4. Tacitus, Histories, 5.6.1 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

5. Strabo, Geography, 16.2.41

16.2.41. Jericho is a plain encompassed by a mountainous district, which slopes towards it somewhat in the manner of a theatre. Here is the Phoenicon (or palm plantation), which contains various other trees of the cultivated kind, and producing excellent fruit; but its chief production is the palm tree. It is 100 stadia in length; the whole is watered with streams, and filled with dwellings. Here also is a palace and the garden of the balsamum. The latter is a shrub with an aromatic smell, resembling the cytisus and the terminthus. Incisions are made in the bark, and vessels are placed beneath to receive the sap, which is like oily milk. After it is collected in vessels, it becomes solid. It is an excellent remedy for headache, incipient suffusion of the eyes, and dimness of sight. It bears therefore a high price, especially as it is produced in no other place. This is the case also with the Phoenicon, which alone contains the caryotes palm, if we except the Babylonian plain, and the country above it towards the east: a large revenue is derived from the palms and balsamum; xylobalsamum is also used as a perfume.

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
allusion/allusiveness Clay and Vergados (2022) 2
alum (stupteria) Taylor (2012) 311
analogy Clay and Vergados (2022) 1, 6
atom/atomism/atomistic explanation of the world Clay and Vergados (2022) 1
audience Clay and Vergados (2022) 1
balsam (opobalsam),in bede Taylor (2012) 311
balsam (opobalsam),in en gedi Taylor (2012) 311
balsam (opobalsam),in pliny Taylor (2012) 311
balsam (opobalsam),in theophrastus Taylor (2012) 311
balsam (opobalsam),medical use of Taylor (2012) 311
balsam (opobalsam),of gilead Taylor (2012) 311
bitumen (dead sea) Taylor (2012) 311
cairo genizah,medical texts of Taylor (2012) 311
cairo genizah Taylor (2012) 311
date palms,and date honey Taylor (2012) 311
dead sea and area,and soap production Taylor (2012) 311
dead sea and area,dead sea and healing Taylor (2012) 311
dead sea and area,medicinal products of Taylor (2012) 311
dead sea and area,salt,collection and quarrying,salt,descriptions of Taylor (2012) 311
didactic poetry vs. prose Clay and Vergados (2022) 6
effe,b. Clay and Vergados (2022) 2
empedocles Clay and Vergados (2022) 2, 6
en gedi,opobalsam in Taylor (2012) 311
en gedi Taylor (2012) 311
fiction Clay and Vergados (2022) 6
galen Clay and Vergados (2022) 6; Taylor (2012) 311
genre Clay and Vergados (2022) 1, 2, 6
goethe Clay and Vergados (2022) 2
hellenistic poetry Clay and Vergados (2022) 2
hesiod Clay and Vergados (2022) 2
homer Clay and Vergados (2022) 2
invention Clay and Vergados (2022) 1, 2
invisibility/invisible Clay and Vergados (2022) 1
jericho,area of Taylor (2012) 311
jericho,crops grown in Taylor (2012) 311
knowledge Clay and Vergados (2022) 1
mandrake (baaras) Taylor (2012) 311
metaphor Clay and Vergados (2022) 1, 2
meter Clay and Vergados (2022) 6
nature Clay and Vergados (2022) 6
simile Clay and Vergados (2022) 1
sulphur,dead sea,mining of' Taylor (2012) 311
sulphur,dead sea Taylor (2012) 311
zoara (of arabia) Taylor (2012) 311