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Fontes Iuris Romani Anteiustiniani (Fira), Fontes Iuris Romani Anteiustiniani (Fira), B10.4

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subject book bibliographic info
cypress Edmonds (2004) 47
heroism Edmonds (2004) 47
identity,proclamation of Edmonds (2004) 47
memory,water of Edmonds (2004) 47
paths,choice of, springs,choice of Edmonds (2004) 47
petelia, b tablets (longer) Edmonds (2004) 47
petelia, b tablets (shorter) Edmonds (2004) 47
petelia, hipponion Edmonds (2004) 47
thirst,of the dead Edmonds (2004) 47
underworld,confrontation with,guardians (see also gorgon,kerberos,sphinx)' Edmonds (2004) 47