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Eusebius Of Caesarea, Commentary On Isaiah, 2.55

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subject book bibliographic info
amphiaraos,diviner (and dream interpreter) in myth Renberg (2017) 9
aristophaness plutus incubation scene,terminology for incubation Renberg (2017) 9
asklepieia,jerome on incubation at asklepieia Renberg (2017) 257
asklepieia,sacrificial ram skins used for incubation(?) Renberg (2017) 257
asklepios,provides athletic tips in dreams Renberg (2017) 9
asklepios Renberg (2017) 257
asklepios of aegae in epidauros dedication,literary evidence for incubation Renberg (2017) 9
delos,divinatory incubation at shrine of brizo(?) Renberg (2017) 32
delphi,oracle of apollo Renberg (2017) 32
divinities (ancient near eastern),zaqīqu/ziqīqu (dream spirit) Renberg (2017) 32
divinities (greek and roman),apollo Renberg (2017) 32
divinities (greek and roman),brizo Renberg (2017) 32
divinities (greek and roman),olympian divinities Renberg (2017) 32
divinities (greek and roman),underworld divinities and heroes Renberg (2017) 32
dodona,sanctuary of zeus,oracle of zeus Renberg (2017) 32
dreams (in greek and latin literature),aelius aristides,sacred tales Renberg (2017) 9
dreams (in hebrew bible and jewish literature),israelites conception of dreams Renberg (2017) 32
healing sanctuaries,and chthonic divinities Renberg (2017) 32
incubation,and chthonic divinities Renberg (2017) 32
incubation,at tombs Renberg (2017) 9, 32
incubation,terms for incubation,non-technical (greek) Renberg (2017) 9
incubation,terms for incubation (greek) Renberg (2017) 9
incubation (ancient near eastern),necromantic (hittite) Renberg (2017) 32
incubation (greek),associated with chthonic divinities and divinized mortals Renberg (2017) 32
incubation (greek),ram (and sheep) skins linked to incubation Renberg (2017) 257
incubation (israelite/jewish),necromantic Renberg (2017) 32
julian,criticism of christians sleeping at tombs Renberg (2017) 9
oracles (greek),didyma,oracle of apollo' Renberg (2017) 32