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Epiphanius, De 12 Gemmis, 20

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1. Herodotus, Histories, 3.19 (5th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

3.19. When Cambyses determined to send the spies, he sent for those Fish-eaters from the city of Elephantine who understood the Ethiopian language. ,While they were fetching them, he ordered his fleet to sail against Carthage . But the Phoenicians said they would not do it; for they were bound, they said, by strong oaths, and if they sailed against their own progeny they would be doing an impious thing; and the Phoenicians being unwilling, the rest were inadequate fighters. ,Thus the Carthaginians escaped being enslaved by the Persians; for Cambyses would not use force with the Phoenicians, seeing that they had willingly surrendered to the Persians, and the whole fleet drew its strength from them. The Cyprians too had come of their own accord to aid the Persians against Egypt .
2. Epiphanius, De 12 Gemmis, 21, 19 (4th cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
axumites Bianchetti et al (2015) 195
cambyses Torok (2014) 96
cinnamomum/κιννάμωνον Bianchetti et al (2015) 195
elephantine Torok (2014) 96
ends of the earth Torok (2014) 96
ethiopia Bianchetti et al (2015) 195
fish-eaters Torok (2014) 96
geon Bianchetti et al (2015) 195
interpretatio christiana Bianchetti et al (2015) 195
kingship,egyptian Torok (2014) 96
long-lived aithiopians x Torok (2014) 96
mꜣꜥt (egyptian equity) Torok (2014) 96
nile Bianchetti et al (2015) 195; Torok (2014) 96
pygmies Bianchetti et al (2015) 195
red sea Torok (2014) 96
saba Bianchetti et al (2015) 195
sais Torok (2014) 96
spies Torok (2014) 96
table of the sun Torok (2014) 96
trog[lodytes Torok (2014) 96
utopia Torok (2014) 96
ʾısft (egyptian chaos)' Torok (2014) 96