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Epiphanius, Ancoratus, 106.9

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subject book bibliographic info
antinous,as oracular god Renberg (2017) 517
antinous,hadrians role in cults establishment Renberg (2017) 517
antinous,in christian polemics Renberg (2017) 517
antinous,lunar association Renberg (2017) 517
antinous,monte pincio obelisk text Renberg (2017) 517
antinous,on contorniates Renberg (2017) 517
antinous,role of prophētai in cult Renberg (2017) 517
antinous,worship in late antiquity Renberg (2017) 517
antinous Renberg (2017) 517
cult personnel (egyptian and greco-egyptian),prophētēs Renberg (2017) 517
hadrian,and antinous Renberg (2017) 517
monte pincio obelisk' Renberg (2017) 517