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Epigraphy, Mdai(A), 41, 2

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
athribis,unidentified sanctuary Renberg (2017) 551
divinities (egyptian and greco-egyptian),khnum Renberg (2017) 551
divinities (greek and roman),dioskouroi Renberg (2017) 551
esna (pharaonic latopolis),claim of incubation at temple of khnum Renberg (2017) 551
hymns (inscribed),hymn to khnum at latopolis/esna Renberg (2017) 551
imhotep,at athribis Renberg (2017) 551
imhotep,at karnak Renberg (2017) 551
karnak,cults of imhotep and amenhotep Renberg (2017) 551
karnak,greek dedication (for dioskouroi?) Renberg (2017) 551
religion (egyptian and greco-egyptian),śnḏ-n-hymns' Renberg (2017) 551