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Epigraphy, Iospe I2, 344

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1. Herodotus, Histories, 4.103 (5th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)

4.103. Among these, the Tauri have the following customs: all ship-wrecked men, and any Greeks whom they capture in their sea-raids, they sacrifice to the Virgin goddess as I will describe: after the first rites of sacrifice, they strike the victim on the head with a club; ,according to some, they then place the head on a pole and throw the body off the cliff on which their temple stands; others agree as to the head, but say that the body is buried, not thrown off the cliff. The Tauri themselves say that this deity to whom they sacrifice is Agamemnon's daughter Iphigenia. ,As for enemies whom they defeat, each cuts his enemy's head off and carries it away to his house, where he places it on a tall pole and stands it high above the dwelling, above the smoke-vent for the most part. These heads, they say, are set up to guard the whole house. The Tauri live by plundering and war.
2. Epigraphy, Stratonikeia, 11-12, 10

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subject book bibliographic info
asclepius,and armies,relation to Jim (2022) 60
asclepius,power not limited to healing Jim (2022) 60
asclepius soter,and warfare Jim (2022) 60
asclepius soter,in sparta Jim (2022) 60
asylia (inviolability) Williamson (2021) 397
chersonessos (tauric) Williamson (2021) 397
epiphanies Williamson (2021) 397
epiphany Jim (2022) 60
gods,divine power,extension and modification of Jim (2022) 60
karios Williamson (2021) 397
magnesia on the maeander,ionia Stavrianopoulou (2013) 198
panamara Williamson (2021) 397
panamaros,epiphany of Williamson (2021) 397
panamaros Williamson (2021) 397
partheneia (festival),saving epiphanies of Jim (2022) 60
parthenos in the crimean chersonesus,identification with artemis Jim (2022) 60
parthian invastions ( quintus labienus under persons ) Williamson (2021) 397
rome Williamson (2021) 397
rostovtzeff,m. Williamson (2021) 397
soter,proclamation of Jim (2022) 60
soteria (in greek antiquity),in crises' Jim (2022) 60
stratonikeia Williamson (2021) 397