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Epigraphy, Erythrai, 205

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1. Aelius Aristides, Orations, 47.12, 47.17 (2nd cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

2. Heliodorus, Ethiopian Story, 4.18.6 (2nd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

3. Pausanias, Description of Greece, 2.26.9, 3.26.1 (2nd cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

2.26.9. From the one at Pergamus has been built in our own day the sanctuary of Asclepius by the sea at Smyrna . Further, at Balagrae of the Cyreneans there is an Asclepius called Healer, who like the others came from Epidaurus . From the one at Cyrene was founded the sanctuary of Asclepius at Lebene, in Crete . There is this difference between the Cyreneans and the Epidaurians, that whereas the former sacrifice goats, it is against the custom of the Epidaurians to do so. 3.26.1. From Oetylus to Thalamae the road is about eighty stades long. On it is a sanctuary of Ino and an oracle. They consult the oracle in sleep, and the goddess reveals whatever they wish to learn, in dreams. Bronze statues of Pasiphae and of Helios stand in the unroofed part of the sanctuary. It was not possible to see the one within the temple clearly, owing to the garlands, but they say this too is of bronze. Water, sweet to drink, flows from a sacred spring. Pasiphae is a title of the Moon, and is not a local goddess of the people of Thalamae .
4. Eusebius of Caesarea, Life of Constantine, 3.56 (3rd cent. CE - 4th cent. CE)

3.56. For since a wide-spread error of these pretenders to wisdom concerned the demon worshipped in Cilicia, whom thousands regarded with reverence as the possessor of saving and healing power, who sometimes appeared to those who passed the night in his temple, sometimes restored the diseased to health, though on the contrary he was a destroyer of souls, who drew his easily deluded worshipers from the true Saviour to involve them in impious error, the emperor, consistently with his practice, and desire to advance the worship of him who is at once a jealous God and the true Saviour, gave directions that this temple also should be razed to the ground. In prompt obedience to this command, a band of soldiers laid this building, the admiration of noble philosophers, prostrate in the dust, together with its unseen inmate, neither demon nor god, but rather a deceiver of souls, who had seduced mankind for so long a time through various ages. And thus he who had promised to others deliverance from misfortune and distress, could find no means for his own security, any more than when, as is told in myth, he was scorched by the lightning's stroke. Our emperor's pious deeds, however, had in them nothing fabulous or feigned; but by virtue of the manifested power of his Saviour, this temple as well as others was so utterly overthrown, that not a vestige of the former follies was left behind.
5. Marinus, Vita Proclus, 32 (4th cent. CE - 5th cent. CE)

6. Epigraphy, Lsam, 24

7. Epigraphy, Didyma, 132

8. Epigraphy, Epigr. Tou Oropou, 277

9. Epigraphy, Ig Ii2, 4962, 47

10. Epigraphy, Seg, 44.505

11. Epigraphy, Inscr. De Delos, 1417

12. Epigraphy, Die Inschriften Von Pergamon, 161

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
alexandria sarapieion,adyta Renberg (2017) 212
antiochus i Jim (2022) 194
apollo clarios,didyma Stavrianopoulou (2006) 155
aristophaness plutus incubation scene,altar with cakes and other preliminary offerings Renberg (2017) 251
artemidorus,dreams of asklepios Renberg (2017) 264
asclepios Stavrianopoulou (2006) 155
asklepieia,cake offerings Renberg (2017) 251
asklepieia,cock/rooster sacrifice Renberg (2017) 264
asklepieia,giving of medical fees following incubation Renberg (2017) 264, 265
asklepieia,pig/piglet sacrifice Renberg (2017) 264
asklepieia,post-incubation offerings and gifts Renberg (2017) 264, 265
asklepieia,post-incubation singing of paean Renberg (2017) 264, 265
asklepieia,preliminary bloodless offerings and sacrifice Renberg (2017) 251
asklepieia,purity requirements for incubation Renberg (2017) 210, 212
asklepieia,role of mnemosyne in incubation Renberg (2017) 251
asklepieia,types of dedicatory objects given forcure Renberg (2017) 265
asklepieia,written evidence for incubation Renberg (2017) 210, 212
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,adrotta Renberg (2017) 210
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,amphipolis Renberg (2017) 210, 212
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,beroia Renberg (2017) 212
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,ephesos Renberg (2017) 212
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,erythrai Renberg (2017) 210, 212, 251, 264, 265
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,poimanenon Renberg (2017) 210
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,rhodes Renberg (2017) 210, 212
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,smyrna Renberg (2017) 210
asklepieia and lesser cult sites,yaylakale Renberg (2017) 212
asklepios,and mnemosyne Renberg (2017) 251
asklepios,as protector of health Renberg (2017) 264
asklepios,associated with dogs and keepers/hunters in peiraeus lex sacra Renberg (2017) 251
asklepios,epigraphical terms for incubation Renberg (2017) 10
asklepios,in artemidorus Renberg (2017) 264
asklepios,specific ailments cured,blindness/vision problem Renberg (2017) 212
asklepios,specific ailments cured,head ailment (unspecified) Renberg (2017) 212
asklepios,specific ailments cured,muteness Renberg (2017) 264
asklepios Renberg (2017) 210, 212, 251, 264, 265
asklepios of aegae in epidauros dedication,reopened by julian Renberg (2017) 210
asklepios of aegae in epidauros dedication,under christian emperors Renberg (2017) 210
athens asklepieion,small altars for cake offerings Renberg (2017) 251
constantine,and aegae asklepieion Renberg (2017) 210
constantinople,aegae asklepieion building materials reused by constantine(?) Renberg (2017) 210
cult foundation Stavrianopoulou (2006) 155
delos sarapieia,dedications of medical fees Renberg (2017) 265
delos sarapieia,temple inventories and healing Renberg (2017) 265
didyma,oracle Stavrianopoulou (2006) 155
divination (greek and roman),auditory dream/epiphany Renberg (2017) 210
divinities (greek and roman),akeso Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),apollo Renberg (2017) 212, 251, 264, 265
divinities (greek and roman),apollo pythios Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),artemis Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),helios Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),herakles Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),hermes Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),iaso Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),maleata Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),mnemosyne Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),moirai Renberg (2017) 251
divinities (greek and roman),panakeia Renberg (2017) 251
dreams (in greek and latin literature),marinus,life of proclus Renberg (2017) 210
ephesos,dedication alluding to asklepios cure through incubation(?) Renberg (2017) 212
epidauros miracle inscriptions,terms employed for incubation Renberg (2017) 10
epidauros miracle inscriptions,testimony about coin hoards discovery Renberg (2017) 264
erythrai Stavrianopoulou (2006) 155
hellenistic ruler cults Jim (2022) 194
hygieia,and asklepios Renberg (2017) 212
hygieia,at beroia asklepieion Renberg (2017) 212
hygieia,at ephesos asklepieion Renberg (2017) 212
hymn Stavrianopoulou (2006) 155
incubation,and medical fees Renberg (2017) 264, 265
incubation,terms for incubation,non-technical (greek) Renberg (2017) 10
incubation,terms for incubation (greek) Renberg (2017) 10
julian,reopening of aegae asklepieion Renberg (2017) 210
machaon,in peiraeus asklepieion sacred law(?) Renberg (2017) 251
magic,invocations for memory in magical papyri Renberg (2017) 251
oracle,didyma Stavrianopoulou (2006) 155
oropos amphiareion,terms for incubation in leges sacrae Renberg (2017) 10
pasiphae,sanctuary at thalamai,terminology associated with oracular function Renberg (2017) 10
peiraeus asklepieion,lex sacra for preliminary offerings Renberg (2017) 251
pergamon asklepieion,leges sacrae pertaining to incubation Renberg (2017) 264
pergamon asklepieion,linked to smyrna asklepieion Renberg (2017) 210
podalirios,in peiraeus asklepieion sacred law(?) Renberg (2017) 251
price,simon Jim (2022) 194
proclus (philosopher),visit to adrotta asklepieion Renberg (2017) 210
religion (egyptian and greco-egyptian),dietary and purity rules for sanctuaries beyond egypt Renberg (2017) 210, 212
rhodes asklepieion or sarapieion lex sacra for purity Renberg (2017) 210, 212
sarapis,at rhodes(?) Renberg (2017) 210, 212
sarapis,verse oracles in late antique sources Renberg (2017) 212
seleucus i,and antiochus i as soteres Jim (2022) 194
seleucus i,and lemnos Jim (2022) 194
seleucus i,honours in aegae in aeolis Jim (2022) 194
seleucus i,honours in asia minor Jim (2022) 194
temple inventories,delos sarapieia Renberg (2017) 265
troizen asklepieion,testimony about worshiper urged to incubate at epidauros' Renberg (2017) 10