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Donatus, Vergillia Vita, 11

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1. Catullus, Poems, 62.39-62.47 (1st cent. BCE - 1st cent. BCE)

2. Horace, Letters, 1.7.44-1.7.45 (1st cent. BCE - 1st cent. BCE)

3. Vergil, Aeneis, 1.421-1.438, 6.783, 8.714-8.728

1.421. had driven him,—for desert land it seemed,— 1.422. to learn what tribes of man or beast possess 1.423. a place so wild, and careful tidings bring 1.424. back to his friends. His fleet of ships the while 1.425. where dense, dark groves o'er-arch a hollowed crag 1.426. he left encircled in far-branching shade. 1.427. Then with no followers save his trusty friend 1.428. Achates, he went forth upon his way 1.429. two broad-tipped javelins poising in his hand. 1.430. Deep to the midmost wood he went, and there 1.431. his Mother in his path uprose; she seemed 1.432. in garb and countece a maid, and bore 1.433. like Spartan maids, a weapon; in such guise 1.434. Harpalyce the Thracian urges on 1.435. her panting coursers and in wild career 1.436. outstrips impetuous Hebrus as it flows. 1.437. Over her lovely shoulders was a bow 1.438. lender and light, as fits a huntress fair; 6.783. Are men who hated, long as life endured 8.714. Olympus calls. My goddess-mother gave 8.715. long since her promise of a heavenly sign 8.716. if war should burst; and that her power would bring 8.717. a panoply from Vulcan through the air 8.718. to help us at our need. Alas, what deaths 8.719. over Laurentum's ill-starred host impend! 8.720. O Turnus, what a reckoning thou shalt pay 8.721. to me in arms! O Tiber, in thy wave 8.722. what helms and shields and mighty soldiers slain 8.723. hall in confusion roll! Yea, let them lead 8.725. He said: and from the lofty throne uprose. 8.726. Straightway he roused anew the slumbering fire 8.727. acred to Hercules, and glad at heart 8.728. adored, as yesterday, the household gods
4. Vergil, Eclogues, 1.6

1.6. it careless in the shade, and, at your call
5. Vergil, Georgics, 2.458-2.467, 2.533-2.535

2.458. Forbear their frailty, and while yet the bough 2.459. Shoots joyfully toward heaven, with loosened rein 2.460. Launched on the void, assail it not as yet 2.461. With keen-edged sickle, but let the leaves alone 2.462. Be culled with clip of fingers here and there. 2.463. But when they clasp the elms with sturdy trunk 2.464. Erect, then strip the leaves off, prune the boughs; 2.465. Sooner they shrink from steel, but then put forth 2.466. The arm of power, and stem the branchy tide. 2.467. Hedges too must be woven and all beast 2.533. Their stems wax lusty, and have found their strength 2.534. To heaven climb swiftly, self-impelled, nor crave 2.535. Our succour. All the grove meanwhile no le

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
aeneas,founder of rome Jenkyns (2013) 57
callimacheanism Gale (2000) 194
carthage,virgilian Jenkyns (2013) 57
countryside,charms imagined Jenkyns (2013) 57
culture and nature blended Jenkyns (2013) 57
deification,of octavian Gale (2000) 194
epicureanism Gale (2000) 194
finales,book 1 Gale (2000) 194
finales,book 2 Gale (2000) 194
imagery,chariots Gale (2000) 194
julius caesar,triumphs of Jenkyns (2013) 57
labor,in the georgics Gale (2000) 194
naples Gale (2000) 194
nature and culture,blended Jenkyns (2013) 57
octavian Gale (2000) 194
otium Gale (2000) 194
palimpsestic rome,in augustan poets Jenkyns (2013) 57
parthenope Gale (2000) 194
pastoral Gale (2000) 194
phaethon Gale (2000) 194
poetry and poetics Gale (2000) 194
politics,in the georgics Gale (2000) 194
sirens Gale (2000) 194
siro Gale (2000) 194
sphragis Gale (2000) 194
tityrus Gale (2000) 194
triumphs' Jenkyns (2013) 57
virgil,and callimachean poetics Gale (2000) 194
virgil,and octavian Gale (2000) 194
virgil,as parthenias Gale (2000) 194
virgil,as pastoral figure Gale (2000) 194
virgil,epicurean studies under siro Gale (2000) 194
war,in the georgics Gale (2000) 194
war,octavian as warrior Gale (2000) 194