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Dionysius Of Halycarnassus, On The Admirable Style Of Demosthenes, 24

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1. Polybius, Histories, 3.21.1, 16.17.9, 16.18.2 (2nd cent. BCE - 2nd cent. BCE)

3.21.1.  They said not a word of the treaty with Hasdrubal, considering it as not existent, or if existent, as not concerning them, since it was made without their approval. 16.17.9.  Have we then any more valid reason for finding fault with Zeno? Yes: because he is not for the most part so much concerned with inquiry into the facts and proper treatment of his material, as with elegance of style, a quality on which he, like several other famous authors, often shows that he prides himself. 16.18.2.  The above-mentioned author in narrating the siege of Gaza and the engagement between Antiochus and Scopas at the Panium in Coele-Syria has evidently taken so much pains about his style that the extravagance of his language is not excelled by any of those declamatory works written to produce a sensation among the vulgar.
2. Dionysius of Halycarnassus, On Thucydides, 4.1, 4.3 (1st cent. BCE - missingth cent. CE)

3. Dionysius of Halycarnassus, Letter To Pompeius Geminus, 3.16-3.17 (1st cent. BCE - missingth cent. CE)

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author Kingsley Monti and Rood (2022) 330
cicero Kirkland (2022) 51
dionysius of halicarnassus,alogos aesthesis (intuitive perception) Kirkland (2022) 51
dionysius of halicarnassus,ethos (character) Kirkland (2022) 51
dionysius of halicarnassus,laypersons Kirkland (2022) 51
dionysius of halicarnassus,mimesis and imitation Kirkland (2022) 51
dionysius of halicarnassus,rhetorical works Kirkland (2022) 51
dionysius of halicarnassus Kirkland (2022) 51
ethos,of history Kingsley Monti and Rood (2022) 330
kataskeuē Kingsley Monti and Rood (2022) 330
krisis Kingsley Monti and Rood (2022) 330
lexis Kingsley Monti and Rood (2022) 330
polybius Kingsley Monti and Rood (2022) 330
style' Kingsley Monti and Rood (2022) 330
thucydides,assessment by dionysius of halicarnassus Kirkland (2022) 51