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Dionysius Of Halycarnassus, Letter To Pompeius Geminus, 6.7

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1. Polybius, Histories, 1.4 (2nd cent. BCE - 2nd cent. BCE)

2. Dionysius of Halycarnassus, Roman Antiquities, 1.8.2 (1st cent. BCE - missingth cent. CE)

1.8.2.  and I bring the narrative down to the beginning of the First Punic War, which fell in the third year of the one hundred and twenty-eighth Olympiad. I relate all the foreign wars that the city waged during that period and all the internal seditions with which she was agitated, showing from what causes they sprang and by what methods and by what arguments they were brought to an end. I give an account also of all the forms of government Rome used, both during the monarchy and after its overthrow, and show what was the character of each. I describe the best customs and the most remarkable laws; and, in short, I show the whole life of the ancient Romans.

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
dionysius of halicarnassus,roman antiquities Kirkland (2022) 78
dionysius of halicarnassus,rome and roman history Kirkland (2022) 78
dionysius of halicarnassus Baumann and Liotsakis (2022) 103; Kirkland (2022) 78
nicolaus of damascus Kirkland (2022) 78
polybius Kirkland (2022) 78
rome,as empire Kirkland (2022) 78
strabo Kirkland (2022) 78
theopompus' Kirkland (2022) 78
theopompus Baumann and Liotsakis (2022) 103; Hunter and de Jonge (2018) 140
thucydides Baumann and Liotsakis (2022) 103