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Diogenes Of Apollonia, Fragments, a19.42

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subject book bibliographic info
alcmaeon Tor (2017) 244
diogenes of apollonia Tor (2017) 244
eschatology. see mystery initiations and entries under empedocles,euripides,homer,parmenides,pindar,pythagoras and the pythagoreans,aethereal Tor (2017) 244
gold tablets Tor (2017) 244
milesian,the philosophers,anaximenes Tor (2017) 244
parmenides,on the soul,its divinity Tor (2017) 244
pherecydes Tor (2017) 244
pythagoras and the pythagoreans,and metempsychosis Tor (2017) 244
soul. see entries on soul or metempsychosis under empedocles,heraclitus,homer,parmenides,pindar,plato,pythagoras and the pythagoreans,as divine' Tor (2017) 244