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Dead Sea Scrolls, Pssjos 4Q378, 2nd hour

Intertexts (texts cited often on the same page as the searched text):

None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
buto,goddess of,sacred grove of Griffiths (1975) 203
emblem of justice,deformed left hand Griffiths (1975) 203
hand,deformed left,emblem of justice Griffiths (1975) 203
hand-amulets Griffiths (1975) 203
isis,and justice Griffiths (1975) 203
isis,dikaiosyns Griffiths (1975) 203
isis,with palm-branch,with palm sceptre Griffiths (1975) 203
justice' Griffiths (1975) 203
justice,emblem of,carried by fourth in procession Griffiths (1975) 203
left hand,deformed,emblem of justice Griffiths (1975) 203
ma'at,and dikaiosyne,with palm sceptres" Griffiths (1975) 203
nephthys,as uraeus,with isis,with palm sceptre Griffiths (1975) 203
opet,temple of Griffiths (1975) 203
pythagoras,divine,sanctions number seven,ibid. Griffiths (1975) 203
re,ship of,and palm-branch Griffiths (1975) 203
wife of aimin Griffiths (1975) 203