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Damaskios, Vita Isidori (Ap. Photium, Bibl. Codd. 181, 242), 9c

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subject book bibliographic info
alexandria,alexandrians and dreams Renberg (2017) 67, 380
alexandria sarapieion,and incubation Renberg (2017) 380
alexandria sarapieion,in late antiquity Renberg (2017) 380
alexandria sarapieion,possible presence of oracle Renberg (2017) 380
canopus sarapieion,and divinatory incubation Renberg (2017) 380
damascius (philosopher),on alexandrians and dreams Renberg (2017) 380
dreams (in greek and latin literature),dio chrysostom,to the alexandrians Renberg (2017) 380
dreams (in hebrew bible and jewish literature),in works of hellenistic and roman periods Renberg (2017) 67
dreams (in hebrew bible and jewish literature),warnings against heeding dreams and diviners Renberg (2017) 67
dreams (in hebrew bible and jewish literature) Renberg (2017) 67
incubation (ancient near eastern) Renberg (2017) 67
incubation (israelite/jewish),encouraged by moses (in late tradition) Renberg (2017) 67
incubation (israelite/jewish) Renberg (2017) 67
philosophical schools,stoicism Renberg (2017) 67
poseidonios of apamea (greek writer) Renberg (2017) 67
sarapis,as oracular god Renberg (2017) 380
sarapis,in dreams Renberg (2017) 380
sarapis,incubation in cult Renberg (2017) 380
sarapis,issuing dreams to alexandrians' Renberg (2017) 380