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Damaskios, In Philebum, 6

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1. Plato, Philebus, None (5th cent. BCE - 4th cent. BCE)

16c. Soc. One which is easy to point out, but very difficult to follow for through it all the inventions of art have been brought to light. See this is the road I mean. Pro. Go on what is it? Soc. A gift of gods to men, as I believe, was tossed down from some divine source through the agency of a Prometheus together with a gleaming fire; and the ancients, who were better than we and lived nearer the gods, handed down the tradition that all the things which are ever said to exist are sprung from one and many and have inherent in them the finite and the infinite. This being the way in which these things are arranged
2. Proclus, Theologia Platonica ( ), 1.1 (5th cent. CE - 5th cent. CE)

3. Olympiodorus The Younger of Alexandria, In Platonis Alcibiadem Commentarii, 2.92-2.93 (6th cent. CE - 6th cent. CE)

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
ammonius (neoplatonist) Erler et al (2021) 222
archytas Cornelli (2013) 417
boethius Cornelli (2013) 417
bonazzi,m. Cornelli (2013) 417
damascius Cornelli (2013) 417; Erler et al (2021) 222
david the invincible Cornelli (2013) 417
democritus Erler et al (2021) 222
epicurus Erler et al (2021) 222
euclid Cornelli (2013) 417
huffman,c.a. Cornelli (2013) 417
iamblichus Cornelli (2013) 417
isidorus (damascius teacher) Erler et al (2021) 222
kathēgemōn Erler et al (2021) 222
logic Erler et al (2021) 222
nicomachus Cornelli (2013) 417
olympiodorus Cornelli (2013) 417
omeara,d. Cornelli (2013) 417
philolaus Cornelli (2013) 417
plato Cornelli (2013) 417
platonic dialogues,parmenides Erler et al (2021) 222
proclus Cornelli (2013) 417; Erler et al (2021) 222
ptolemy Cornelli (2013) 417
pythagoras Cornelli (2013) 417
simplicius Erler et al (2021) 222
socrates (platonic character) Erler et al (2021) 222
stobaeus,j. Cornelli (2013) 417
syrianus Erler et al (2021) 222
teacher Erler et al (2021) 222
thesleff,h.' Cornelli (2013) 417
zeno (platonic character) Erler et al (2021) 222