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Cicero, Pro Sulla, 77

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subject book bibliographic info
accused of parricide Walters (2020) 107
clodius pulcher,p.,accused of parricide Walters (2020) 107
lex porcia,libertas,shrine of Walters (2020) 107
opimius,l.,trial as wound and executioners axe Walters (2020) 107
parricide (parricida,parricidium),in republican political invective Walters (2020) 107
religio' Kaster(2005) 176
servilius vatia isauricus,p.,criticism of clodius as parricide Walters (2020) 107
terentius varro lucullus,m. (lucullus) Walters (2020) 107
tullius cicero,m. (cicero),attacks on clodius as parricide Walters (2020) 107
tullius cicero,m. (cicero),attacks on vatinius as parricide Walters (2020) 107
vatinius,p.,as parricide Walters (2020) 107