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Cicero, Pro Sulla, 6

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subject book bibliographic info
cicero,his oratory as art of illusion Bua (2019) 260
cicero,pro sulla Bua (2019) 260
ides of march Walters (2020) 108
julius caesar,c.,as parens patriae Walters (2020) 108
julius caesar,c.,assassination of Walters (2020) 108
julius caesar,c.,dictatorship of Walters (2020) 108
junius brutus,m. (brutus),assassination of caesar Walters (2020) 108
parricide (parricida,parricidium),after the ides Walters (2020) 108
parricide (parricida,parricidium),as murder(er) of the pater patriae Walters (2020) 108
parricide (parricida,parricidium),combined with imagery of wounds and disease Walters (2020) 108
parricide (parricida,parricidium),in republican political invective Walters (2020) 108
pater patriae,caesar as Walters (2020) 108
pater patriae Walters (2020) 108
res publica,misera et prostrata Walters (2020) 108
scholia,notes on ciceros strategy of manipulation' Bua (2019) 260
tyrannicide Walters (2020) 108
wounds,and parricide Walters (2020) 108