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Cicero, Pro Sulla, 46

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
animals,fastidium ascribed to,pudor ascribed to Kaster(2005) 163
contio,as site of invidia Kaster(2005) 163
dignitas Kaster(2005) 163
fabius,(publius) Kaster(2005) 156
face,hard or iron Kaster(2005) 163
face,maintenance of Kaster(2005) 156, 163
goffman,erving Kaster(2005) 156
honor,reflexive sense of Kaster(2005) 163
pudor,ascribed to animals Kaster(2005) 163
pudor Kaster(2005) 156
rape,as stuprum achieved by force Kaster(2005) 163
stoicism Kaster(2005) 163
stuprum,achieved by force (rape)' Kaster(2005) 163
sulla,publius (cornelius) Kaster(2005) 156
torquatus,(lucius manlius) Kaster(2005) 156
tullius,marcus (client of cicero) Kaster(2005) 156