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Cicero, Pro Sulla, 33

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subject book bibliographic info
antius restio Kaster(2005) 185
calpurnius piso caesoninus,c. (piso),consulship as body politics death and funeral Walters (2020) 82
death,averted by political intervention Walters (2020) 80
death,imagery of Walters (2020) 80, 82
death,utility of imagery of Walters (2020) 82
gabinius,a.,crimes result in body politics death Walters (2020) 82
gellius publicola,l. Walters (2020) 80
haruspices Walters (2020) 80
health,in constant decline Walters (2020) 80
junius brutus,m. (brutus),on the death of the republic in de virtute Walters (2020) 80
metabus Kaster(2005) 185
mezentius Kaster(2005) 185
murder,of the republic Walters (2020) 82
res publica,killed the catilinarians Walters (2020) 80
sergius catilina,l. (catiline),plotting the murder of the state Walters (2020) 82
tiberius' Kaster(2005) 185
tullius cicero,m. (cicero),accuses catilinarians of murdering state Walters (2020) 82
tullius cicero,m. (cicero),consulship prevented death of body politic Walters (2020) 80
tullius cicero,m. (cicero),deflects blame for death of catilinarians Walters (2020) 80
vatinius,p.,augurship as deathblow Walters (2020) 82
vatinius,p.,declares intention to ignore augurs Walters (2020) 82
wounds,on the body politic Walters (2020) 82