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Cassiodorus, Gothorum Historica (Jordani De Getarum Sive Gothorum Origine Et Rebus Gestis Ad Castalium ), 9.39

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
novatian/novatianists Tabbernee (2007) 277
phrygia,montanism in Tabbernee (2007) 277
rome (roma) Tabbernee (2007) 277
scyllaceum (squillace) Tabbernee (2007) 277
socrates (church historia Tabbernee (2007) 277
solar calendar (montanist)' Tabbernee (2007) 277
sozome Tabbernee (2007) 277
theodoret of cyrrhus Tabbernee (2007) 277
vivarium (near squillace) Tabbernee (2007) 277