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Augustine, De Consensu Evangelistarum Libri Quatuor, 1.31.47

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
accused of deviating from christs teaching Simmons(1995) 30
accused of falsity,hated by the gods Simmons(1995) 30
accused of falsity Simmons(1995) 30
augustine,criticizes theurgy Simmons(1995) 23
barnes,t. d. Simmons(1995) 30
eusebius,use of porphyry Simmons(1995) 23
hadot,p. Simmons(1995) 23
hollerich,m. j. Simmons(1995) 23
porphyry,early training Simmons(1995) 23
porphyry,influence in roman north africa Simmons(1995) 23
porphyry,opponent of christianity,anti-christian propaganda Simmons(1995) 23
porphyry,philosophia ex oraculis,concept of sacrifice Simmons(1995) 23
porphyry,philosophia ex oraculis,source for adv. nat. Simmons(1995) 23
porphyry,prayer,in arnobius Simmons(1995) 23
porphyry,predicts the demise of christianity,literary method Simmons(1995) 23
salvation,via universalis of porphyry' Simmons(1995) 23
smith,a. Simmons(1995) 23
smith,mark Simmons(1995) 23