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Augustine, Contra Duas Epistolas Pelagianorum, 1.17.35

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subject book bibliographic info
apatheia,freedom from,eradication of,emotion (; does sex require pleasure? Sorabji (2000) 408
aquinas (thomas),sex before the fall more pleasurable,since moderation prevents gulping Sorabji (2000) 408
augustine,anti-pelagianism Sorabji (2000) 408
augustine,lust Sorabji (2000) 408
augustine,similarly before fall Sorabji (2000) 408
lust,lust and pleasure not necessary for sex in clement of alexandria and augustine Sorabji (2000) 408
lust,relation to will Sorabji (2000) 408
metriopatheia,moderate,moderation of,emotion; does sex require pleasure? Sorabji (2000) 408
sex,not depend on lust and pleasure? Sorabji (2000) 408
sexual situation of first humans Beatrice (2013) 64
temptation Sorabji (2000) 408
zeno of citium,stoic,hence different conception of freedom from emotion(apatheia)' Sorabji (2000) 408