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Augustine, Commentary On Genesis, 13.21.33

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apatheia,freedom from,eradication of,emotion (; does sex require pleasure? Sorabji (2000) 406
aquinas (thomas),animals and,after the fall,humans are inferior because neither can moderate lust by reason Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,anti-pelagianism Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,before the fall,no conflict of lust with will,first view,adam and eve had only spiritual bodies Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,but augustine accepts that since we have only the gift of moderation,god blames only excess Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,effect of music on lust shows lust is not under control of the will Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,lust Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,lust disobedient to will was not cause of fall,but a fit punishment for man Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,lust in animals all right because they have no reason for lust to rebel against Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,second view,bodies usable for sex without lust or pleasure but unused Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,third view,if there was lust and pleasure,it did not oppose will Sorabji (2000) 406
augustine,this in turn explains shame at sex and need for privacy Sorabji (2000) 406
lust,augustine's main objection that lust and male member not subject to will" Sorabji (2000) 406
lust,lust and pleasure not necessary for sex in clement of alexandria and augustine Sorabji (2000) 406
lust,relation to will Sorabji (2000) 406
metriopatheia,moderate,moderation of,emotion; does sex require pleasure? Sorabji (2000) 406
schmitt,émile Sorabji (2000) 406
sex,not depend on lust and pleasure? Sorabji (2000) 406
sex,sex in public and shame Sorabji (2000) 406
shame at sex,evolutionary,versus lapsarian explanations Sorabji (2000) 406
speusippus,platonist,lust excludes thought Sorabji (2000) 406
temptation Sorabji (2000) 406
zeno of citium,stoic,hence different conception of freedom from emotion(apatheia)' Sorabji (2000) 406