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Asclepius Of Tralles, In Aristotelis Metaphysicorum Libros Az Commentaria, 14

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subject book bibliographic info
gnosticism,as sophistical Boulluec (2022) 144
heresy,division/multiplicity of Boulluec (2022) 144
heresy,human origin of Boulluec (2022) 144
irenaeus,on heresy and sophism Boulluec (2022) 144
jewish succession,orthodox borrowings from jewish heresiology Boulluec (2022) 144
new testament Boulluec (2022) 144
philo of alexandria Boulluec (2022) 144
philosophy,distinguished from sects Boulluec (2022) 144
sophistry,heresy connected to Boulluec (2022) 144
μεταχαράσσειν Boulluec (2022) 144
σοφιστεία Boulluec (2022) 144
σοφίζειν' Boulluec (2022) 144