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Artifact, Vienna, Khm, 1.1096

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subject book bibliographic info
amphiaraos,incubation reliefs Renberg (2017) 223
aristophaness plutus incubation scene,asklepios accompanied by daughters Renberg (2017) 223
artemios (saint),healing miracles at constantinople Renberg (2017) 223
asklepieia,bedding materials for incubation Renberg (2017) 223
asklepieia,preliminary bloodless offerings and sacrifice Renberg (2017) 223
asklepios,accompanied by family members in dreams Renberg (2017) 223
asklepios Renberg (2017) 223
asklepios and incubation reliefs,accompanied by related divinities Renberg (2017) 223
asklepios and incubation reliefs,question of reliefs accurately representing dreams Renberg (2017) 223
asklepios and incubation reliefs,representation of animal skins and bedding materials Renberg (2017) 223
asklepios and incubation reliefs Renberg (2017) 223
athens asklepieion,potential significance of baskets in reliefs Renberg (2017) 223
divinities (greek and roman),artemis Renberg (2017) 223
divinities (greek and roman),demeter Renberg (2017) 223
divinities (greek and roman),herakles Renberg (2017) 223
divinities (greek and roman),iaso Renberg (2017) 223
divinities (greek and roman),kore Renberg (2017) 223
divinities (greek and roman),panakeia Renberg (2017) 223
divinities (greek and roman),zeus Renberg (2017) 223
dreams (in greek and latin literature),ps.-hippocrates,letters Renberg (2017) 223
incubation (christian),bedding materials Renberg (2017) 223
oropos amphiareion,incubation reliefs Renberg (2017) 223
religion (greek),use of baskets (κανοῦν and κίστη) in rituals Renberg (2017) 223
sacred animals (greek),serpents at oropos amphiareion' Renberg (2017) 223