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Artifact, Brook., L65.2

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subject book bibliographic info
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),animal statues used for oracles(?) Renberg (2017) 78
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),motion/movement oracles Renberg (2017) 78
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),oracle questions Renberg (2017) 78
divination (egyptian and greco-egyptian),oracular consultations during new kingdom Renberg (2017) 78
dreams (in egypt),and personal religion during new kingdom Renberg (2017) 78
horus,falcon statue employed in motion oracle(?) Renberg (2017) 78
incubation (egyptian and greco-egyptian),during late period Renberg (2017) 78
incubation (egyptian and greco-egyptian),early development' Renberg (2017) 78