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Artifact, Brook., 65.47

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subject book bibliographic info
amenhotep,son of hapu,as divine physician Renberg (2017) 449
amenhotep,son of hapu,cults early development and relocation to deir el-bahari Renberg (2017) 449
amenhotep,son of hapu,medinet habu mortuary temple Renberg (2017) 449
amenhotep,son of hapu,shrine in western thebes Renberg (2017) 449
amenhotep,son of hapu Renberg (2017) 449
deir el-bahari,hatshepsut mortuary temple Renberg (2017) 449
deir el-bahari,mentuhotep-nebhepetre mortuary temple Renberg (2017) 449
deir el-bahari,sanctuary of amenhotep and imhotep,amenhotep and imhotep as physicians Renberg (2017) 449
deir el-bahari,sanctuary of amenhotep and imhotep Renberg (2017) 449
hatshepsut (pharaoh),mortuary temple at deir el-bahari Renberg (2017) 449
karnak,amenhotep venerated at amun temple during lifetime Renberg (2017) 449
medinet habu,amenhotep,son of hapu mortuary temple Renberg (2017) 449
mortuary temple at deir el-bahari' Renberg (2017) 449
psamtik i (pharaoh),daughter seeks cure from amenhotep Renberg (2017) 449