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Aristotle, Movement Of Animals, 703b10

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subject book bibliographic info
aristotle,involuntary physical movements Sorabji (2000) 71
chrysippus,stoic (already in antiquity,views seen as orthodox for stoics tended to be ascribed to chrysippus),tears,if not assented to,could illustrate idea of first movements,but chrysippus does not make use of this Sorabji (2000) 71
contraction,expansion,physiological reinterpretation Sorabji (2000) 71
emotions,per contra,aristotle,galen,emotions cannot be understood without physical basis Sorabji (2000) 71
epictetus,stoic,prothumia Sorabji (2000) 71
first movements,expounded by seneca,perhaps earlier by cicero,but examples in aristotle and (possibly) chrysippus not yet recognized as such Sorabji (2000) 71
philoponus,christian neoplatonist Sorabji (2000) 71
prothumia' Sorabji (2000) 71