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Anon., Martyrdom Of Crispina, 1

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subject book bibliographic info
ammaedara (haidra) Simmons(1995) 85
arnobius,and the new testament Simmons(1995) 126
arnobius,christian worship Simmons(1995) 126
arnobius,knowledge of the old testament Simmons(1995) 126
arnobius,relations with church at sicca Simmons(1995) 126
barnes,t. d. Simmons(1995) 85
carthage,calendar of Simmons(1995) 85
crispina,and diocletians fourth edict Simmons(1995) 85, 126
crispina,trial of Simmons(1995) 85, 86
diocletian,roman emperor (284-305),4th edict Simmons(1995) 85, 86
hagendahl,h. Simmons(1995) 126
martyrs,at ammaedara Simmons(1995) 85
martyrs,at thuburbo maius Simmons(1995) 85
martyrs,crispina Simmons(1995) 85
martyrs,in numidia Simmons(1995) 86
martyrs Simmons(1995) 85, 86
micka,e. r. Simmons(1995) 126
monceaux,p. Simmons(1995) 85
persecutions,of christians,arnobius alludes to' Simmons(1995) 85
persecutions,of christians,arnobius alludes to Simmons(1995) 86
tetrarchy Simmons(1995) 85, 86